Systematic Innovation @ ORMS Today

Our socio-technical analysis of COVID-19 in Italy and South Korea was published as the lead article @ ORMS Today — the journal of operations research and management science.

Biology vs. Economy: A False Choice

COVID-19 response from OR / MS perspective — it seems like we need to shine more of that light on this subject. A comprehensive problem-solving approach combined with rigorous quantitative analysis.

Livio Mariano (my colleague at Altair Engineering in Italy) and I conducted a quantitative analysis of COVID-19 in Italy and South Korea — with potential implications for U.S. response. We simulated the underlying biological parameters and their interactions with corresponding social interventions. We identified particular configurations that would enable us to battle the virus without destroying our economy.

INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Science — the publisher of ORMS Today) counts 29 recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics as authors.