Systematic Innovation @ Product Camp 2018 — 11/3/2018

Discovering Product / Service Value with Systematic Innovation

Modern industry relies on a continuous flow of innovation… organizations are desperate for innovation as a growth engine. Organizations are organisms and they are subject to the biological maxim — “grow or die”. Synthetic growth is not sustainable; organizational health and prosperity requires organic growth. Innovation is oxygen. But innovation is too slow and too un-predictable. The quantity and quality of innovation is not sufficient.

Organizations don’t need to rely on random and esoteric inspiration. They can accelerate and amplify innovation — they can make it more repeatable, more scalable, and more distributed with a systematic approach. The notion of systematic innovation might sound like an inherent contradiction. We will resolve this apparent contradiction with a combination of art and science. We see opportunity in apparent contradictions and we use systematic innovation to extract value from such contradictions.

Maybe you haven’t heard the theory or history of systematic innovation. Sorry — this session won’t provide theoretical or historical context. We will work some examples with our unique approach. We will provide an opportunity for you to work an example. Join us for this practical introduction to systematic innovation.


Product Camp 2018

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