Systematic Innovation @ Customer Focus 2019 — 9/19/2019

Amplifying Experience by Resolving Constraints

Systematic Innovation in Customer Experience

The practice of experience design is laden with constraints. We wrestle with constraints in every dimension and we compromise between opposing factors. We even presume that compromise is a fact of life — that it is inherent in experience design. We optimize across a set of constraints and we are grateful for an “optimal” solution.

In this session, we will envision the notion of ideal solutions as an alternative to optimal solutions. We will explore the principles and practices that enable the pursuit of ideal solutions. We will investigate the de-coupling of opposing forces that inhibit ideal solutions. We will discover some applications in the experience domain that have achieved the ideal by diverting the optimal.

Compromise is not inherent in experience design. Every truly disruptive innovation solves a contradiction; every solved contradiction was once an un-solved contradiction. Participants will gain the ability to start seeing ideal solutions among apparent constraints.

Customer Focus 2019

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