COVID-19 / Systematic Innovation @ ORMS Today #2

Quantifying COVID-19 Asymptomatic Transmission with Graph Analysis (a socio-technical analysis of COVID-19 in South Korea — with Akash Kaul @ Futurist Academy)

published as the lead article @ ORMS Today — the journal of operations research and management science

INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Science — the publisher of ORMS Today) counts 29 recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics as authors

This OR / MS perspective combines a comprehensive problem-solving approach with rigorous quantitative analysis.

A sustainable approach to contact tracing is becoming a central factor in economic recovery. COVID-19 is a “graph-shaped” problem; we responded with a “graph-shaped” solution. We conducted a graph analysis of asymptomatic transmission in South Korea — with potential implications for social intervention / “exposure notification” worldwide.

I am so grateful to my colleagues Akash Kaul and Jon Herke for this collaboration; also TigerGraph (COVID-19 starter kit) and Futurist Academy for their visionary support of this important investigation.

This article was also published in print format @ ORMS Today in the October 2020 issue.

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