Value Proposition for Product Management:

  • Economic performance relies on a continuous flow of innovation as a growth engine.
  • Conventional innovation is too slow and too un-predictable; the quantity and quality of innovation is not sufficient.
  • Organizations can accelerate and amplify innovation — they can make it more repeatable, more scalable, and more distributed with a systematic approach.


Value Proposition for Medical Technology:

  • Product / service development in medical technology involves enormous investments and long lead times.
  • In order to realize a substantial return on investment, development leaders need to identify “white space”, or relatively un-exploited territory; they need to identify such white space far in advance of commercialization.
  • Systematic design and innovation can amplify and accelerate that process.


Value Proposition for Early Stage / Small Enterprise:

  • At early stage, discovering product / market fit is essential; systematic design and innovation can amplify and accelerate that process.
  • Most entrepreneurial teams are passionate about their product or service – so passionate that they may not be thinking systematically about it; systematic innovation can help entrepreneurial teams to refine their product / service configurations and connect their product or service to real-world customer needs.