Systems Engineering in Socio-Technical Systems @ INCOSE — 9/13/2018



Systems Engineering in Socio-Technical Systems” @ INCOSE (9/13/2018)

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The tension / fracture between product design and systems engineering imposes a significant load on the overall product / service development system and results in a significant loss of value from a financial analysis perspective. This fracture is a systems issue and systems engineering could address it in an objective, effective, and systematic way. Systems engineering, as a discipline and a community, has failed to address this issue. We call upon the discipline and the community to re-evaluate its posture toward optimizing the super-system (eco-system) in which it operates.



Systematic Innovation @ Twin Cities Startup Week 2018 — 10/8/2018



Twin Cities Startup Week


Optimizing Product / Service Configuration with Systematic Innovation

10/8/2018 @ Real World / 1

At early stage, discovering product / market fit is essential…

Participants are invited to submit examples for consideration. Participants who submit their examples will have a chance to refine their product / service configuration with our approach.

If you would like to submit an example, please contact us with a brief description of your concept.


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