Opportunity Accelerator

Innovation is the primary source of revenue growth in dynamic markets. Some participants grow synthetically by acquisition; organic innovation is the primary basis for competitive advantage in technology-based markets. Markets are moving ever more quickly and innovation is becoming ever more resource-intensive. There will be winners and losers — not all participants will move at the same pace. Organic innovators need to innovate efficiently by making innovation more repeatable across time and more scalable across the organization.

Systematic Innovation presumes the repeatability and scalability of innovation — instead of presuming innovation as a black box with limited accessibility to obscure practitioners who practice magical arts. Systematic does not mean “formulaic” — the systematic approach is a (systematic) fusion of intuitive and analytical techniques.

Who Will Benefit from this Opportunity Accelerator?

The Opportunity Accelerator is designed for senior executives and organizational leaders who are responsible for strategic initiatives and organizational performance.

Learning Objectives

During the Opportunity Accelerator, executives and senior leaders will achieve the following objectives:

  • Grasp their role as a catalyst in the innovation process through a senior Innovation Radiation facilitator with executive experience to reinforce learning in a peer-to-peer context
  • Clarify their role as motivators at each cycle of innovation
  • Improve their level of competency in inspiring and leading innovation
  • Assimilate the concept of Systematic Innovation; its history and theoretical foundations; its organizational and technical advantages
  • Understand the distinction between discovery and invention; explore innovation as a system and the application of systems engineering principles to the innovation process
  • Review real-life case studies in Systematic Innovation
  • Conduct a practical exercise in application of the concepts and principles to actual problems / opportunities in the relevant domain
  • Apply the method to opportunity identification / opportunity qualification / opportunity stratification across a portfolio of opportunities to achieve commercial relevance
  • Explore organizational / cultural strategies for diffusing this approach to innovation

Learning Agenda

  • The connection between Systematic Innovation and business performance
  • The business case for Systematic Innovation
  • Positioning the organization for success in systematic innovation
  • Critical roles in leading systematic innovation
  • Organizational maturity in systematic innovation

Learning Materials

  • Matrix Morphology by Innovation Radiation: framework and toolkit for
    nurturing and diffusing a discovery mindset
  • Actual work product from pertinent applications and explorations

Opportunity Accelerator by Innovation Radiation (portable document format / PDF)