Organizations as Systems / Socio-Technical Systems @ INCOSE — 7/11/2019

Organizations as Systems: Systems Engineering in Socio-Technical Systems

Systematic Innovation in Organizational Design

Various paradigms have been proposed for envisioning organizations: Organizations as machines, organizations as societies, organizations as organisms, organizations as brains. In this session, we will envision organizations as systems.

We will identify some principles of systems engineering that we find useful in modeling complex organizations as complex systems; we will explore some system archetypes / design patterns that we find useful in a systematic approach to organizational analysis; and we will share a model that we have developed for improving organizational performance.

We will identify the essential architectural feature of organizations that determines the difference between high and low performance and we will explore the articulation of that feature in a particular organizational context. The context that we will explore is particularly relevant to the systems engineering discipline and community; our exploration will equip systems engineers to identify opportunities for organizational improvement in any context.


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