Systematic Innovation @ Concurrent Development — 7/19/2018

scaling the creative enterprise

Scaling the Creative Enterprise with Systematic Innovation

Systematic innovation explores / optimizes multiple attributes for an ideal or un-discovered product / service configuration. Systematic innovation is an art and a science. The “science” is generation of various combinations of attributes and identification of feasible / relevant configurations. The “art” is identification of relevant attributes as the basis for combinations. Every solution space is unique. A more robust approach can integrate product attributes and market / customer / environmental attributes.

The natural intersection between systematic innovation and product / service design is a relatively un-exploited opportunity. In this session, we’ll gain a basic understanding of systematic innovation and its application in several historical contexts. We’ll also contemplate the further application of systematic innovation in our individual design practices and the design community at large.

The expected outcome is a more robust and repeatable approach to product / service innovation and an innovation practice that scales more broadly across the organization. This session is relevant for product managers and product developers who are “directly” responsible for product / service innovation; it is also relevant for team members who are “indirectly” involved in promoting innovation (isn’t that the whole team?) and / or team members who aspire to become more directly involved in the practice of innovation.

Society of Concurrent Product Development (SCPD)

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Thanks to SCPD for this opportunity; Bill Farmer @ SCPD for curating / producing / moderating this session; numerous colleagues for their editorial and promotional support; and Simulation-Powered Learning for hosting the webinar environment!

An audio recording of the session will be available soon.

I will be presenting on systematic innovation in UX at DevJam / Product Agility on 8/14/18.

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